What is a Clique?

A clique is a listing of people that attribute themselves to the clique's subject. In this case, the members of this clique associate themselves with the term "bookworm" and celebrate their love of reading. Unlike fanlistings, cliques tend to represent abstract concepts and ideals rather than being a fan of a subject. This means that cliques can range from claiming something, showing a belief, supporting an ideal and so forth.

What's the Point?

Cliques give people a chance to show their support or belief of a cause or subject, and generally they're just really good fun. Website owners can also use buttons to identify themselves as a member of a clique.

About Project Clique

Project Clique exists as a resource and community for clique owners. In the past there were numerous website cliques dotted about all over the internet. Some survived over the years, but the creation of cliques declined dramatically. Perhaps the decline was due to the growing popularity of fanlistings, or maybe people just got bored. Whatever the reason there appears to be a growing interest in cliques again, and spurred on by the great reception Amassment's Clique Happy project received, I realised that I was not the only one nostalgic for website cliques.

As a result I decided to bite the bullet and create Project Clique to try to hype up the revival. Whether I'll be successful remains to be seen! This site has been created as one that can exist if the idea doesn't catch on, and will flourish if the idea gains momentum and popularity.

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