What is a Clique?

A clique is a listing of people that attribute themselves to the clique's subject. In this case, the members of this clique associate themselves with the term "bookworm" and celebrate their love of reading. Unlike fanlistings, cliques tend to represent abstract concepts and ideals rather than being a fan of a subject. This means that cliques can range from claiming something (like this clique), showing a belief, supporting an ideal and so forth.

What's the Point?

Cliques give people a chance to show their support or belief of a cause or subject, and generally they're just really good fun. Website owners can also use buttons to identify themselves as a member of a clique.

About Fighting Everyday

Fighting Everday was inspired by the website But you don't look sick? and Stephen Fry's documentary The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. After watching Stephen Fry's documentary I went to his website for more information. I had a browse through the forum and found myself reading a post by one of the members. This member was complaining about the inclusion of certain celebrities, mainly Robbie Williams, and saying that they had wealth and luxury. For me it just high-lighted just how clueless some people can be about invisible illnesses. Every day there are people suffering from mental health conditions, such as Bi-Polar disorder and depression, or physical health conditions. Many of these conditions are invisible, you cannot tell if someone is ill unless they tell you.

But you don't look sick? is an amazing website that exists to help people who suffer from invisible illnesses. It provides support, help and a community where people don't say 'but you don't look sick'. I suffer from several invisible illnesses and throughout my life I have come up against various people who just do not understand. Everyday I am fighting these illnesses, and sometime it's a struggle just to get through the day.

This clique was created as a personal way for people, from all walks of life, to remind others that they are battling physical or mental health conditions every day of their lives. These conditions do not just disappear, they don't go away and people need to remember this.

So whether you are fighting your own battle or you are a supporter of this idea then please join this clique and spread the word.


This layout features an image from stock.xchng, and I have unfortunatley lost the links to the textures. If you recognise them please let me know so I can credit :). The lovely background is from Ava7 Patterns.