What is a Clique?

A clique is a listing of people that attribute themselves to the clique's subject. In this case, the members of this clique are celebrating their love of video games. Unlike fanlistings, cliques tend to represent abstract concepts and ideals rather than being a fan of a subject. This means that cliques can range from claiming something (like this clique), showing a belief, supporting an ideal and so forth.

What's the Point?

Cliques give people a chance to show their support or belief of a cause or subject, and generally they're just really good fun. Website owners can also use buttons to identify themselves as a member of a clique.

About Claiming

This clique allows members to "claim" a video game or something from a video game - literally anything that exists in a video game. This means things can only be claimed once. If a something is already taken you may not claim it. This might seem strict, however, it is to help spread the love amongst all games. So try to choose the one that really means a lot to you.

You may claim:

You may not claim:

What has already been claimed?

You can view a full list of claims here.


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