1) You need to be the owner or a moderator of the website in order to submit a website.

2) This site is for any website cliques only. These can be in the form of a mini clique or a clique without a members list. This does not include fanlistings.

3) A link back to this website is required. After all, I offer a free link to your site along with a description.

4) The link back must be in the form of a working hyperlink/text link or a button/code. Please see the link back page for more details.

5) No images on this site can be direct-linked or hot linked. Anyone found to be direct-linking will be removed from the directory.

6) Please keep your information updated by using the update form. Sites that have been inactive for a very long time or have multiple pending members without any sign of an update, will be removed.

I have the right to reject or remove any site that does not confirm to these rules.

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